Value-Added Services

Quick Med Claims (QMC) provides a variety of professional and value-added services in support of medical transportation organizations. These services are customized and designed to facilitate operational and financial performance improvement within the organization. The QMC team has years of operational and financial management experience in health care and has been providing services to the medical transportation community for more than 25 years. This experience and expertise is a valuable resource to QMC client organizations.

Budgeting and Financial Analysis

The QMC team includes individuals with financial management experience within and outside of the healthcare market space. Client organizations have benefitted from this expertise by engaging the QMC team for specific financial analysis tasks, direct support with their annual budgeting process and/or making financial projections. This support for client organizations is a part of the value proposition with having a sound business process partner.

Clinical Documentation Training

Clinical documentation is an important aspect of patient care delivery and poorly completed documentation can have negative consequences for medical transportation organizations and the Patients they serve. There is more scrutiny than ever before on medical transportation organizations and this documentation is a key element of demonstrating compliance with applicable laws and regulations. QMC provides training for clinical staff and leadership that focuses on the clinical, quality, regulatory and financial implications of clinical documentation.

Electronic Patient Care Report (ePCR) Implementation

Electronic patient care reports are an important element of success in any medical transportation agency. Use of an ePCR is a recognized strategy to enhance operational efficiency, facilitate quality improvement efforts, improve the quality of documentation and provide valuable data to support operational decision making. The QMC team works closely with Clients to support their ePCR initiatives, including analysis of options, evaluation of the financial impact, implementation planning and financing. While QMC does not offer any specific ePCR solutions, the team has substantial experience with many of the options currently available in the marketplace.

Payor Contracting

The QMC team has years of experience interacting with payors around everything from individual claims to broad policy development. The QMC team has worked with payors to address specific claims on behalf of providers and Patients. The QMC team has facilitate dialogue between provider leaders and payor leaders to address medical necessity, coverage and payment issues. The QMC team has experience working with payors to set specific policy related to the medical transport industry. All of this experience is a valuable resource to client organizations engaged in negotiations with third party payors. The support provided by the QMC team includes such items as setting general contracting strategy, individual agreement reviews, as well as, active participation in discussions with payor representatives.

Procurement Support

The QMC team is comprised of a group of industry leaders with years of operational and financial experience in health care delivery. The experience includes many years of experience developing and responding to RFPs for various types of services. The QMC team assists client organizations with RFP development, proposal evaluation and facilitating the procurement process.