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Life Flight Network Achieves NAAMTA Accreditation

August 2016

Subsequent to a comprehensive audit of administrative documentation, medical practices and operational facilities, NAAMTA is awarding Life Flight Network full medical transport accreditation for their fixed-wing, rotor wing and ground ambulance program. 

Missouri HealthNet Reimbursement for Ground Emergency Medical Transportation Services

July 21, 2016

Under a new Missouri act, an eligible MO HealthNet provider may receive a supplemental reimbursement, in addition to the MO HealthNet reimbursement such provider would otherwise receive, for ground emergency medical transportation services, provided that such reimbursement shall not exceed 100% of actual costs. The act specifies how such supplemental payments shall be calculated and how an eligible provider's claimed expenditures for the ground emergency medical transportation services shall be eligible for federal financial participation.

The act also requires the Department of Social Services to design and implement an intergovernmental transfer program relating to ground emergency medical transportation services in order to increase capitation payments for the purpose of increasing reimbursement to eligible MO HealthNet providers, as detailed in the act. Any eligible provider participating in this program shall agree to reimburse the Department for any costs associated with implementing the program.

These provisions are subject to federal approval, as necessary.