Ground & Air Medical Billing Services

QMC is committed to providing the services necessary to obtain maximum reimbursement for emergency medical transportation providers in a manner that is strictly compliant with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations. QMC will provide the following services for the client organization:
QMC's Team Approach

QMC's Team approach provides our partners individualized attention.  This approach serves our clients well across the country and ensures a sound line of communication with each.  QMC is proud of the relationship we have with each of our partners. over the past 25 years of service.  At present,  QMC has partners in 30+ states depicted in red below.

Insurance Verification

QMC personnel assigned to the client organization work closely with their personnel to obtain and verify applicable patient insurance information. 

Claims Processing

QMC personnel process all claims in the most efficient manner possible. Each claim is handled in accordance with the agreed upon protocols to ensure that the philosophy of client organization is the guiding force in the process.

Accounts Receivable Management

QMC personnel provide active accounts receivable management services to ensure that all opportunities for third-party reimbursement are exhausted in a timely manner. QMC personnel serve as the primary interface with patients for all interactions related to billing for client organization.

Performance Reports

QMC personnel provide a standard set of performance reports that are designed specifically to meet the needs of the leadership of the client organization. This standard reporting package is distributed on a regular basis in an agreed upon format. In addition, QMC provides custom reports designed to answer specific questions for client organization leadership on a periodic basis.

Review and Appeals

QMC personnel work closely with your personnel to pursue additional review and appeal of claims when appropriate. QMC has extensive experience in this area and employ this knowledge for the benefit of each client.

Support with Software Integration

QMC personnel work with your personnel to explore and pursue software integration opportunities on mutually agreeable terms throughout the course of the relationship.

Additional Consideration

QMC is exceptionally qualified to support medical transportation organizations due to our extensive experience in providing medical transportation billing and reimbursement services. We provide service to clients of various sizes and clients who provide services at many levels -- ranging from wheelchair-assist services to long-range, fixed wing, critical care transport.

QMC leadership works with our client organizations to establish a set of benchmarks for the billing and reimbursement program, including:

  • Days in sales outstanding
  • Average collection per transport
  • Percent of cash from collection agencies


The QMC leadership team reviews the performance against these benchmarks with your leaders on a periodic basis to ensure that expectations are being met and to identify opportunities for improvement.