Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Quick Med Claims (QMC) Leadership has compiled the following FAQs as it relates to our organization. As always, we encourage prospective clients to contact us for additional information or to arrange a presentation by the QMC Business Development Team. 

Where is Quick Med Claims located?

Quick Med Claims has five offices. Our corporate office is located in Pittsburgh, PA.  Additionally, we have offices in Danville, PA, Kansas City, MO and two offices located in Connecticut.

How many years has QMC been in the revenue cycle management business?

QMC was founded by Harry Sichi and Michael Lewis in 1991. In 2016, QMC celebrated its 25th anniversary.  This is a significant milestone for revenue cycle firms.  We are proud of this accomplishment. 

Does QMC use any off-shore/foreign companies to provide services?

QMC is one of the few billing and reimbursement organizations that does NOT utilize off-shore companies for billing, customer service, online chat or any other organizational offerings. All of our services are provided primarily by our Pittsburgh, Danville, PA,  Kansas City, MO, Ansonia, CT, Bel Air, MD or Cromwell, CT offices.

Does QMC perform revenue cycle management services for professions other than the emergency medical transportation industry?

No. QMC is dedicated solely to the emergency medical transportation industry. QMC performs billing and reimbursement services for air medical and ground EMS organizations nationwide. 

How does QMC charge for services rendered?

QMC’s professional service fees are typically percentage based. This means that QMC charges a percentage of the NET revenue for payments received by the client organization. We have found that percentage based provides a fair and equitable system ensuring maximum allowable reimbursement for our clients. This also promotes 100% compliance in all cases.

Is QMC compliant with all Federal and statewide regulations relating to EMS Billing?

QMC is committed to full compliance with all federal and state mandates related to billing services for emergency medical transportation providers. QMC employs a full-time compliance officer and conducts internal audits regularly. In addition, QMC undergoes a formal audit process annually by the law firm of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth (PWW). PWW is also retained by QMC for all matters related to compliance that may arise throughout the year.

Does QMC employ Certified Ambulance Coders (CAC)?

Yes, QMC has over 125 staff members who have attained a professional status as a Certified Ambulance Coder (CAC). This number continues to grow as our operation expands. QMC also has two Certified Ambulance Compliance Officers (CACO) and one Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer

I understand Quick Med Claims is a large company. I am concerned that my organization may not receive personalized attention.

At present, Quick Med Claims has over 250 staff members. However, each account has an assigned billing director and account manager that will be your day-to-day contact for all questions or matters. You will know your assigned QMC staff well. Typically, they will meet with you personally and you will have a direct line to their office. In all cases, you will know who to contact if/when questions or matters arise. Conversely, QMC requests a single point of contact at each of our client organizations to ensure that a sound communications process is always in place.

Can QMC provide documentation training for my organization?

Absolutely. This is usually conducted by a member of our business development team. We will gladly conduct training to assist your staff in understanding the importance of sound and proper documentation.  Our documentation training program covers a number of key elements relative to properly documenting every case and avoiding common pitfalls.

Are there regularly scheduled phone meetings with my billing team at QMC?

Yes. QMC is a client-driven organization and we want to be considered a member of your team– not just your billing company. We encourage your leadership to have a formal meeting with your QMC billing team at least monthly. If you wish to meet more often we can accommodate this as well. Some organizations like to meet more frequently when they are transitioning to us then less after they are established. Again, we encourage a formal phone meeting at least monthly.

Can my organization’s leadership have financial reports e-mailed to us on a scheduled basis?

QMC has the ability to send you reports at time intervals specified by you. We want you to always be abreast of your account in every respect. We have dozens of reports that we can send to you or we can design a custom report if none of our reports provide you with the information you are requesting. Many of our clients receive both weekly and monthly reports. We encourage you to receive reports regularly.

Can QMC provide references?

QMC will gladly provide a number of references for your organization as you consider our services. We can provide names of organizations across the country that have similar volumes/structure or other organizations that may be in close proximity to you. Regardless, we always want you to make an informed decision about the services we offer.

Can I arrange a visit to QMC?

We encourage prospective clients to visit with us as they consider our services. We are also glad to come to your organization and meet with your leadership, Board of Directors, etc. However, seeing our organization first-hand and meeting with members of our leadership team is highly recommended. Additionally, we also encourage existing clients to come to QMC annually if at all possible.

How do I get to QMC?

If you are traveling from outside our general geographic area there are many modes of transportation available to you. Pittsburgh International Airport is 25 miles from us and there are major highways that make travel fairly easy. There a number of hotels near QMC so lodging is never a problem. QMC is located in the South Hills section of Allegheny County just outside the City of Pittsburgh.

Is access to your billing areas restricted so as to comply with HIPAA and patient privacy laws?

Again, QMC is an extremely compliant organization in every facet of our operation. There is restricted access to every area of our operation that performs billing services. When arriving at QMC, all persons are required to sign in and remain with an assigned staff person at all times. Visitors are never permitted to view any patient information.

Does QMC back-up data that is received from my organization? I am concerned as to what might occur with my billing data in cases of a catastrophic failure.

Without question. QMC backs up all of the data and it is stored locally as well as on bi-coastal servers.

As a client of QMC, must our organization conform to QMC policies and procedures when it comes to how customers are managed, e.g., billing policies, write-offs, etc.?

QMC is a client-driven organization. QMC works with its clients to develop policies that are compliant with all applicable regulations and reflect the philosophies of the Client organization in all cases.

Are QMC staff familiar with ICD-10 coding?

Yes. QMC staff have been using ICD-10 coding since October of 2015. Our staff have received extensive training on ICD-10 and continue to receive ongoing training as the ICD-10 implementation evolves.

How do our patients contact QMC when they have questions concerning their invoice?

Each of our clients are provided an 800 number during the onboarding process. This number will belong solely to your organization and will ring directly to a member of your assigned team. Additionally, when calls are received on your assigned number, your billing team will answer the call using your organization’s name, e.g., “Good morning, XYZ Ambulance Service, this is Karen, how may I help you?” We encourage you to advertise the assigned number to your patients/patients’ families.

Are patients of QMC client partners able to pay their bill online?

Yes, patients from specified client partners that utilize our online bill pay are able to access and pay their account securely through the QMC Website.

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