Business Development Team

The Quick Med Claims Business Development Team (BDT) serves as the front door of our organization in working with prospective clients considering Quick Med Claims as their Revenue Cycle Management organization. Quick Med Claims is fortunate to have a team that understands the emergency medical air and ground industry and the challenges it faces both operationally and financially.  QMC's Business Development team is unique to the industry in that we bring expertise from long backgrounds in EMS operations, finances and billing into one cohesive team working for you. 

Ed Marasco

The Business Development Team is led by Ed Marasco, Vice President of Business Development.  Ed has a long-standing background in EMS finances and hospital-based air/ground programs. Ed spreads his expertise around the nation and its not uncommon to find him teaching a class close to home or assisting an organization with their revenue cycle management needs across the country.  To read Ed's bio, please click here.

Gary Harvat

Gary Harvat serves as the Manager of Business Development and Marketing for Quick Med Claims.  Gary has nearly 40 years in emergency medical services and knows the industry well.  Gary's area of concentration will be ground agencies in Pennsylvania and also other areas of the country where his input may be needed to better assist our clients and prospective clients.   To read Gary's bio, please click here.

Samantha Travis

Samantha Travis is the Sales Executive for QMC.  Samantha brings a wealth of knowledge in emergency medical service Revenue Cycle Management to QMC.  She is well-versed on industry standards for EMS finances, contract administration and billing.  Samantha has worked closely with many providers in North Carolina and surrounding states over the years.  Samantha will work primarily in the Southeastern United States blanketing Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and points south.  To read Samantha's bio please click here.