Mollie Troy, Corporate Compliance Officer


Mollie Troy has been with QMC since 2009, she is currently the Corporate Compliance Officer and HIPAA Compliance Officer at Quick Med Claims.  As a Compliance Director, she oversees all QMC staff members are following the QMC Compliance Plan. Mollie maintains auditing schedules, performance, employee certifications and development. While also being responsible for ensuring all employees attend annual compliance training on a yearly basis. Mollie manages training all of the billing staff on various compliance and HIPAA related topics as needed. Most recently, she helped develop a new online training module to serve as an additional training tool for staff members. Mollie works directly with clients assisting them with payor applications, revalidations and any other compliance or HIPAA related topics.

Mollie started with QMC as a Billing Specialist, billing for multiple clients and handling special projects. Mollie passed her Certified Ambulance Coder (CAC) Course  in 2010. Shortly after taking the CAC course, she was promoted to Sr. Billing Specialist during her role of Sr. Billing Specialist, Mollie found her knack for Auditing and Compliance and was chosen to be QMC's  first Auditing Specialist in 2012, during this role Mollie thrived at Auditing the entire QMC staff.  With her hard work and dedication she was able to advance to Compliance Manager. Mollie success only continued from there she was named Corporate Compliance Officer and HIPAA Compliance Officer in 2014. Mollie became a Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer (CACO) in 2014 and a Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer (CAPO) in 2015.

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