Edie Valencia, Billing Director & Corporate Trainer


Edie Valencia is currently serves a Billing Director and Corporate Trainer for Quick Med Claims, LLC.  As the Corporate Trainer, Ms. Valencia is responsible for developing and delivering educational initiatives for the staff of QMC.  The educational programming includes the initial Employee Orientation , Annual Corporate Compliance Training, and Clinical Documentation Training for Clients, ongoing Continuing Education for the billing staff, as well as Leadership Development Training for the management team. Edie is also working on billing productivity and revenue cycle enhancement projects for QMC. Ms. Valencia also supports the development of custom reports for Clients.

Edie comes to QMC with over ten (10) years experience training and educating adult learners. In addition, Ms. Valencia has extensive experience in the area of software implementation and customer relations. The majority of her career has been spent training for various software applications, including Microsoft Office, graphic design software and the billing and reimbursement software used at QMC.

Edie was employed as a Software Deployment Specialist at ZOLL (formerly ZOLL Data Systems) for more than five (5) years. In this role, Edie was responsible for software installation, configuration and staff training. While at ZOLL, she was also responsible for developing training materials for ZOLL software applications and third party software such as Crystal Reports.

Prior to coming to QMC, Edie was most recently employed as the billing manager for a privately owned ambulance service in Detroit, MI. During her tenure there, Ms. Valencia had overall responsibility for the billing and reimbursement operation. She carried out a complete work redesign of the revenue cycle management process.

Edie attended New Mexico State University where she received a Bachelor Degree in Community Health Education.

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